"This is the best dentist office I have ever been to in my entire life. Every single person in the office is friendly and easy to talk to. It's sorta like going to a dentist office that's run by a group of your best friends. On top of that they are extremely professional in the way the conduct their business and really seem to care about your individual health. Hopefully you're lucky enough to have Cristina treat you! She is amazing!" - Z.S.

"Great staff, reasonable pricing and top of the line dental work. They make what what you would expect to be a dreadful experience, fun and enjoyable. No need to be a VIP as I can assure you that I am only very important in my own mind. I would highly recommend VIP Dental Spas." - D.B.

"I LOVE this place! All of the staff is incredibly friendly and attentive. I swear...VIP Dental Spas, makes going to the dentist fun instead of dreadful! Gay-friendly (which is great too). I never thought, I would be excited about getting teeth work done but the experience here is so pleasant. Can't wait to go back again!" - P.L.